RED COCAINE: The Drugging of America and the West by Dr. Joseph Douglass

'A powerful and well-documented case of a deliberate policy decision, first by the authorities in Beijing and then in Moscow, to contribute to the decay of American society.... 
Red Cocaine puts the facts on record. 
We ignore the message it reveals at our own peril'. 
former Deputy Director for Intelligence, CIA. 
'Deception and drugs are our first two strategic echelons in the war...'. 

'I was ordered to load up the United States with drugs'. 
Cuban intelligence agent

'Drugs are used as political weapons. The target was the youth...'. 
high-level Nicaraguan official

'Drugs are considered to be the best way to destroy the United States. By undermining the will of American youth, the enemy is destroyed without firing one bullet'. 
Cuban intelligence officer
citing and invoking Antonio Gramsci, Lavrentii Beria and Sun-Tzu in a single sentence, 1988.
[SUN-TZU: the ancient Chinese military deception strategist]. 

'Opium should be regarded as a powerful weapon. It has been employed by imperialists against us, and now we should use it against them'. 

by Dr. Joseph Douglass

Red Cocaine is a case study of evil: of the governments and people responsible for flooding the United States with drugs; of American public officials who have suppressed intelligence and looked the other way to favour 'special interests' and also to advance secret political agendas.
The information presented in Red Cocaine explains why the so-called war on drugs in the United States has been so ineffective. It challenges the erroneous belief that the drug problem is 'home-grown', the result of America's otherwise unexplained 'thirsf for drugs. 

This erroneous belief, carefully nurtured by politicians and drug traffickers, stands between America and the waging of an effective war on drugs for a very simple reason: a nation simply cannot wage war on its own people. This belief that Americans themselves are the cause is used by public officials to justify their poor results - and doing nothing about the nefarious activities of governments, politicians, intelligence services and the banks. 

Red Cocaine was written to explode this belief, to expose the real forces behind the illegal drug trade, and to reveal the political protection that enables drug trafficking to survive and grow. Nothing has emerged since this book was published nearly a decade ago to contradict any of the information contained herein. On the contrary, the evidence is even more overwhelming that the analysis cannot be refuted. Indeed, it is highly significant that no refutation has been attempted - for the obvious reason that none is possible. 

Although Red Cocaine primarily addresses the drugs offensive directed by Soviet and Chinese intelligence against the United States, all Western countries are targeted, as part of the World Revolution's relentless, manic struggle to remodel the world according to what is clearly a diabolical model. In order for the drug scourge to be addressed constructively in any country, the information contained in Red Cocaine should be absorbed first.

This book will come as a shock to most people. For many years, the conventional wisdom has been that the drug problem is strictly of our own making. Without our demand there would be no supply, drug-traffickers are in it only for profit. Furthermore, as a high-level State Department official assured Congress in 1985, there is no evidence of a Communist conspiracy to weaken the American social fabric by promoting the use of drugs. 

Red Cocaine presents unpleasant facts contradicting these views. Dr Joseph Douglass, the author of this book, is not selling a theory but instead calling attention to evidence. He has marshalled his facts carefully, presents them responsibly and cautiously, and offers a wealth of soberly documented data. 

That data describes in detail the efforts of China, the Soviet Union, and its many surrogates, to use drugs over many decades as weapons designed to damage and weaken - if not destroy - the stability of Free World countries. The top target is and always has been, of course, the United States. 

Nobody would suggest that the entire drug problem is the result of a Communist plot. There is some truth in the conventional wisdom about our own responsibilities. 

What you will find in this book, however, is a powerful and well-documented case of a deliberate policy decision, first by authorities in Beijing and then in Moscow, to contribute to the decay of American society. 

This case cries out for close and serious inspection, by ordinary citizens, as well as at the very highest levels of the US Government. What is history must be reckoned with in predicting the future. Americans deserve full and frank examination of just how deeply Moscow and Beijing have been involved in creating and masterminding the worldwide drug crisis. 

This book offers persuasive evidence that the Communist role was large, very large. This book shows, with a wealth of documentation, that command and control of that worldwide drug network emanated from the very top leadership levels of the Communist dictatorships. At the very minimum, the US Government ought to provide a full accounting of Red Cocaine's thesis that much of today's drug scourge is the direct result of coordinated and cynical Soviet Bloc and Chinese intelligence operations around the world, especially in the Western hemisphere. 

If we are serious about winning this war on drugs, we must know, too, to what extent it is true - as this book argues - that top officials in Washington have had access to this evidence for many years, but preferred to hush it up out of concern for what public disclosure would do to US-Sino-Soviet relations. 

Clearly, the war on drugs cannot be won unless we know how and where the problem began, unless we know who and where our enemies in that war are.


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